Bacon-Wrapped, Honey/Mustard Chicken w/Mozzarella

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Bacon-Wrapped, Honey/Mustard Chicken w/Mozzarella


Cena takes a plump, 5 oz chicken breast and wraps it in a thick cut of smokey bacon. A homemade concoction of Dijon mustard and thick honey is then poured over the tops and baked to perfection. As if it wasn't already delicious enough, it's then finished with a topping of melted, Mozzarella cheese. It's out of this world.  Kid-Friendly                Oven-Bake   ~No Nutritional Information Available~

 Regular 2-Serving/Senior 2-Serving:  $13.00/$11.00 (Phone-In Only)


Ingredients: bacon, salt, pepper, parsley, honey, Dijon mustard, Mozzarella cheese (on the side)