Maple/Soy Marinated Steelhead with Walnut Sauce

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Maple/Soy Marinated Steelhead with Walnut Sauce


Cena takes fillets of skin-on Steelhead and marinates them in a fantastic mixture of 100% Maple Syrup, soy sauce, orange juice, and real honey.  After being baked to perfection, it's topped with a creamy, sweet, Maple sauce mixed with crunchy walnuts. This entree is absolutely divine, with a mixture of great flavors and fantastic notes.  Easily, one of our best-sellers everytime we offer it! Kid-Friendly    Oven-Bake  ~No Nutritional Information Available~

2-Serving:  $14.00 (Phone-In Only)

Ingredients: soy sauce, 100% Maple Syrup, honey, orange juice, Smart Balance butter, brown sugar, walnuts