Q:  Are Cena entrees already cooked?

A:  No.  We "assemble" the entrees fresh and then flash-freeze.  The customer has to defrost the entree and bake or cook, according to the included instructions. 




Q:  How do Cena entrees come packaged?

A:  Cena entrees come in (2) manners:  A disposable, aluminum bake tin or double-bagged in freezer bags.  All baking and cooking instructions are included with each entree.

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Q:  Where does the food that Cena makes come from?

A:  Our proteins come from Food Services of America, Costco, and Cash and Carry.  Fresh vegetables and other ingredients come from the same, as well as local grocers.  The fact that we use fresh ingredients means that our food is packed with nutrients, as well as flavor.  Cena's food is naturally low-fat, low-sodium, and diabetic-friendly.



Q:  Does all Cena entrees come frozen?

A:  No.  Some entrees do arrive frozen, since I assemble some  entrees in bulk.  Some entrees may arrive fresh or par-frozen, depending on what I've assembled fresh that day.  We pride ourselves in assembling entrees fresh everyday.



Q:  How long do the frozen entrees keep?

A:  We tell our customers to consume meals within 60 days.  They can keep longer, but we would rather err on the side of caution.



Q:  I see photos of side dishes on the entree description photos.  Do entrees come with sides?

 A:  Cena entrees only come with sides if specified.  We purchase our photos to give our customers an idea of what the entree looks like when finished.  We do offer sides for sale.



Q:  How are your entrees low-fat, low-sodium, and diabetic-friendly?

A:  We pride ourselves in using only the best ingredients for, not only flavor, but for nutritional content.  We use Olive oil, sea salt (where applicable), Smart Balance butter, and freshly-chopped vegetables.  Very few of our ingredients comes out of cans.  Once you eliminate the factories, and all the preservatives and sodium that accompanies those foods, you are left with a product with extraordinary flavor and nutritional content.



Q: Do you offer Gluten-Free selections?

A:  No.  We do not have the ability to control the cross-contamination.  We did attempt this years ago and it was an absolute nightmare.  If I can't guarantee it, then I will refuse to attempt it.   



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