Here's how it works!

  • Select a Pickup/Delivery Date from our monthly calender
  • Cena assembles your chosen entrees fresh and immediately freezes them in freezer bags or ready-bake tins
  • Cook and enjoy your nutritious dinner in the comfort of your own home

Welcome to Cena™
It Means Dinner!

Cena’s mission is to help make our customers’ lives easier, healthier and more satisfying by offering options to plan your dinner menus.



Cena's November Entree Sale!




Purchase (8) entrees in the Full or Half size and receive (1) entree, of the same size, for FREE!  Save up to $61.00!  Free entree selections exclude all beef, seafood, and the quiche entree.


Online Orders:  Please enter your free entree selections in the box labeled "Add Message To Your Order" at the end of your ordering session.  Our system does not automatically deduct the free entree amounts.  Thank you!


Facebook Logo.jpg    We, at Cena, invite you to click on the Facebook link to your left and enter our "haven".  View pictures of our beautiful assembly kitchen and our amazing food.



Welcome to Cena!  If you're new to us, here is some great information.  You can also peruse the tabs to find out some great information.  Here goes!


•Cena's unique service consists of assembling fresh, nutritious, and savory lunch and dinner entrees that are packaged specifically for your freezer.  Thaw and cook and your convenience and in the comforts of your own home.

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•Cena's entrees come in servings of six, three, and two.  Our sides also come in these three serving sizes.


•Cena offers a Regular, 2-Serving and a Senior, 2-Serving entree (55+).  There is NO difference between these two entrees (smaller portions, etc.).  It's just a price break for 55+ folks.  Buy (10) Entrees, Get (1) FREE!   Cena ♥'s its senior customers!


•Our entrees are naturally low-fat, low-sodium, and diabetic-friendly. Click on "Menus" to look at entree descriptions, prices, preparation technique, PointsPlus Weight Watcher Points®, and an ingredients list.  Discover the difference "Fresh" makes! 


•Cena offers FREE Delivery for order $75.00+.  Pickup by appointment.  Please see delivery boundaries below.





Cena's food service has many facets and uses.  We're here to help!

                     ~Busy Professionals and Families

                       ~Retirees and "Empty-Nesters"

        ~Elderly Family-Recent Hospitalization or Illness

      ~Dinner Parties, Graduations, and Small Weddings

                                     ~New Baby

                        •Gift Certificates Available!



                                      Entree Prices

 Full Entree (Serves 6):  $23.00-$27.00

Half Entree (Serves 3):  $13.00-$17.00

2-Serving Entree:  $9.00-$12.00  (Phone-In Order Only)

Senior, 2-Serving:  $6.00-$9.00  (Phone-In Order Only)




                          Cena Delivery Boundaries


            •South to 57th and the Qualchan Golf Area

               •West to the Sundance Golf Course

               •North to the Wandermere Golf Course

                           •East to Argonne Ave.


We're pretty flexible, so let us know if you're just a bit beyond our boundaries.  We offer pickup, as well, by appointment only.







                                     Cena Operations

                         509-326-2499                  Tue-Fri      

 •We are a home-based business and do not have any specific business hours.  All food and gift certificate pickups are by appointment only.  Thank you!            

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